A web interface for the Surface Editor

EPFL student Falco Enzler did a great job during his internship with us. He realised a bridge between the Surface Editor and Kinaps, a web based desktop environment designed for multitouch devices. In the Kinaps environment, every type of information (images, videos, documents, etc. ) is represented as virtual objects that can be manipulated like physical ones. His work consisted in creating a Processing sketch that retrieves the position of a set of objects on the Kinaps server and send them to the Surface Editor via the TUIO protocol. According to the positions between objects, the Surface Editor is sending MIDI or OSC events to other software, like Ableton Live in this demo.

More info about Kinaps (made by the same team as the Surface Editor): http://kinaps.co
Special thanks to Alexandre Burdin for the design of the web interface.

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