Version 0.8.1 released !

After a long pause, we are happy to announce version 0.8.1 of the Surface Editor. It can be downloaded here. New in this version:

Bug fixes:
  • Multi slider fixed (now all segments are sending control values)
  • Multiple Button fixed
  • Changing the state of an action to ‘Disabled’ is now correctly saved
  • Loaded filename is now displayed correctly
  • Mapping to radius is fixed
  • Selecting multiple components and moving them all at once now works properly
  • Fixed a bug that was making some patches using OSC action not to work anymore after changing OSC configuration
  • Save dialog does not come anymore when quitting SE if the interface was saved just before
Known issues
  • Text size of labels is affected by grid size (for instance, with a grid of 3 by 2 cells, text will be much bigger than with a grid of 16 by 9 cells)
  • OSC input of OSC button is not working anymore after changing OSC configuration (one has to reload interface for change to make effect)
  • Step sequencer does not stop !
  • Mapping to the speed of movement inside zones is not behaving as expected
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